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People from across the country are sharing their stories about the reality of living and working near coal fired power stations. Here’s just a few of them.

Because of the pollution, I have experienced a lot of health impacts. I have had severe pneumonia twice. It’s now been recommended by my doctors that I move away to protect myself.

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I haven't been sick as much in my entire life as I have been in the last 12 years since I moved to the Latrobe Valley.

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Some people have told me I should move away. But how can I move away knowing that another family could move into this house and experience the same problems I do?

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More than one million Australians live in the vicinity of a coal power station and experience first hand the massive environmental and health impacts of coal pollution. However, their stories are rarely shared. As a result, few Australians are aware of the real toll coal power and coal pollution are having on our health and environment.

The Coal Impacts Index exists to shine a light on the real environmental and health impacts that result from coal power generation every day in Australia. This includes giving those on the coalface an opportunity to share their story. 

You could be a community member who’s concerned about air pollution or fly ash; or the impact that the coal power station is having on your or your family’s health. Perhaps you’re a current or former coal power station worker, who’s concerned about the impacts of something you’ve seen, such as poorly maintained equipment. Whoever you are, if you have personal experience of living near and/or working in a coal-fired power station in Australia, we want to hear your story.

Stories will be shared on the Coal Impacts Index website. With your permission, your story may also be shared with the media as a case study on the impact coal-fired power stations are having on the health of Australians and our environment. If your story is suitable for the media we will contact you to discuss this further.

Use the form below to tell your story and help to share the real impacts of coal power with more Australians.

Note: Sharing your story on this website does not equate to making a formal complaint or report about an incident. The information you submit in the form below will be only used for the purposes of the Australia Beyond Coal campaign. If you are concerned about a potential breach at a power station you should contact the local relevant authority in your state – EPA Victoria, EPA NSW, or through the QLD Government’s pollution hotline.

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